My Best IBOA Case – Italian Board of Orthodontic Aligners - Part II

Clear Aligners are the most recent Orthodontic technique, but also the one with the fastest evolution. Few years ago Aligners were used only for the simple malocclusions, such as anterior crowding or small diastemas, but gradually their use has been extended to complex cases, thanks also to the association of auxiliaries. The excellence of the final result remains the main objective of all orthodontic treatments, and the cases managed with Aligners are not an exception. For this reason, in 2017 the Italian Board of Orthodontic Aligner (IBOA) was founded. It is a certificate of excellence which attests the quality of treatments performed with Clear Aligners, according to the guidelines of the World Federation of Orthodontists. Young and expert Orthodontists who have obtained the certificate of excellence will alternate on the stage. Everyone will present one of the cases displayed at the IBOA exam, the one judged to be the most complex and which required particular diagnostic and therapeutic qualities. The diagnosis, the treatment plan, the setup planning and the tricks that led to an ideal result will be illustrated, underlining the strengths and criticisms of aligners in each type of malocclusion.

Learning Objectives

After this lecture, you will be able to recognize complex cases that can be approached with Clear Aligners
After this lecture, you will be able to understand how to plan th setup of a complex case
After this lecture, you will be able to distinguish the auxiliaries that can be associated to Clear Aligners and their peculiarities